The Band

Foto: Mathilda Barchmann
Foto: Mathilda Barchmann

"FIVE AFRAID OF SEVEN" started as a student band in 2008, at that time known as "fire and forget" with two female vocalists and a quiet unspecific sound which could not be assigned to a certain genre of music. after three years of playing concerts,  winning some contests and recording first tunes time had come to reconsider the project and it´s future. this lead to conceptual, staff and ideological alterations so that the band continued their way with one vocalist and the name "Five afraid of seven". 

The five musicians come up with a new, strong sound that aspires to offer more than the cranked out products that are published by the music industry day by day. Powerfull mystical guitars and an elaborated rhythm section are headed by a female voice that covers a wide spectrum from dramatic art and melancholia to alluring melodies.

the developed sound is located somewhere between  alternative-, experimental- and progressive-rock.

Five Afraid Of Seven are:

Vilte Stasiuleviciute (Vocals)

Alexander Müller (Guitar)

Lukas Bachmann (Guitar)

Konstantin Dubiel (Bass)

Leopold Purkart (Drums)